What does the construct "?/" refer to in Ruby?
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What does the construct "?/" refer to in Ruby?

The Pragmatic guide for TextMate includes an code fragment that has me stumped. It's essentially "if foo == ?/ then bar" What is the ?/, though?
irb(main):001:0> ?/
=> 47
irb(main):002:0> ?/.class
=> Fixnum
Google is being singularly unhelpful here, since it doesn't like to search for punctuation. The book's errata offers no further hints.
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It's the ascii code for '/'.

Ruby syntax doc
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Yup, it's shorthand for getting the bytecode for that character, primarily because:

"foo"[0] # => 102
?f # => 102
"foo"[0] == ?f # => true

In Ruby 1.9, ?f will return a string "f", as will "foo"[0], since String is now aware of charsets and encodings:

"foo"[0] # => "f"
?f # => "f"
"foo"[0] == ?f # => true

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In more detail, the question mark before a bare character gives you the ascii value of that character. The fact you chose question mark just makes it look cooler than doing ?a, or ?z. Fire up irb and test it out.
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Not that this helps answer the main question, but Google Code Search will search for code snippets. Here's a search that looks for "?/" in Ruby code spippets.
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Thanks philomathaholic, that tip actually helps more than you think.
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Okay, now the code block is clear. It's searching for xml-ish elements by testing whether foo[1] is a forward slash. Thanks all!
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