My MacBook desktop is suddenly too big for the screen!
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My MacBook desktop is suddenly too big for the screen!

I did a hard reboot yesterday on my MacBook Pro running OSX and the desktop is now slightly bigger than the screen--like 0.25-0.5" too big in each dimension. The pair of Mac gurus at work are befuddled and say they've never seen this and searching Mac forums has turned up zilch. Simply attempting to change the screen resolution (it says it's set at 1440X900) doesn't seem to work and get me back to pre-reboot perfection.

Anybody know what's going on? Help!
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What happens when you attempt to change the screen resolution?
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Best answer: Is the "zoom" on (under Universal Access)?
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Best answer: A MacBook should be 1280x800. A 15" MacBook Pro is indeed 1440x900.

Like starman said, is zoom on? You might also try holding down the control key, and then scrolling down (either with two-finger scrolling on the trackpad or with a wheel-equipped mouse).
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Is it possible that you've somehow activated a monitor profile with overscan enabled? It oughtn't be possible, but it sure sounds like overscan might be your problem. Was it recently connected to a TV? Check the Options portion of the Displays System Preferences.
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seconding frijole
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Seems very odd that your MacBook believes it has a MacBook Pro screen! You could try the "Detect Displays" button in the Displays preference pane; it should force the system to re-poll the display devices attached to it. Or if that doesn't help, try zapping the PRAM: restart, while holding the Command, Option, "P," and "R" keys. Keep holding them until you hear the startup chime for the second time (as per Apple's KB article).
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Response by poster: I was totally in "Zoom mode" which until this moment I didn't know existed. Thank you!
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FWIW, zoom can be accidentally activated by cmd+mouse wheel scroll up/down. My gf does it all the time accidentally. It can be deactivated by scrolling in the opposite direction.
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