Toronto Pottery Throw-Down
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Recommendations for good pottery/ceramics courses in Toronto?

My friend is looking to gift his Toronto-based mom some pottery/ceramics classes. She has experience with a few years experience, but none with throwing.

She is interested in learning from a talented artist- learning different color techniques, materials, and perhaps throwing.

Ideas for small classes he can sign her up for?

Any suggestions in the Toronto area are welcome. Bonus points if there is a good site at which they can scope out the instructor's work to see if it's the style she's interested in.
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Best answer: I have a friend who took a glassblowing course at Harbourfront. he said it was good.

They also offer ceramics courses.
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was about to second harbourfront - you can see all the work areas from a raised walkway, and so get an idea of what they're all about.
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Best answer: The Gardiner Museum seems to have the most 'professional' classes; also try the Avenue Road Art School and the Koffler Centre for the Arts. (Koffler link is a pdf.)

I researched these when i was also trying to gift my mom with ceramics classes! I guess i'm not as original as i thought!
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