Old-Timey Shave in Chicago?
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Where can I get an old-timey shave in the city of Chicago?

I've never gone under the blade or the hot towel and I'd like to try it if only for the experience. I'd prefer to avoid "Sport Clips" or any of those places where cigar-chomping steakheads go. Looking to stay mostly to the north side of Chicago or Evanston-Skokie area. Bonus points if they have a barber pole out front and the guy's name is "Smitty."
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Sal's Barber Shop on Roscoe between Damen and Western does shaves, has a pole out front and serves beer.
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I'm pretty sure the Belmont Barber Shop does this. No pole, though.
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I lived in Roscoe Village for three years and never ventured in there. I had forgotten all about it until you just mentioned it, rabbitsnake! Reading this review makes me want to go there right this instant:
you wanna see me almost cry... guaranteed? come with me when i take my son for his haircuts at sal's. it's so effing cute i can hardly contain myself.

we parked in front of sal's one day and were just about to leave to get ready for our boy's one-year birthday party when the gentleman who cuts hair here [i think his name is joe] came out to give my son a bright yellow helium balloon. he DID need a haircut, my husband and i reasoned. we took the key out of the ignition and went in.

joe is wonderful with our baby. he doesn't just tolerate my son like most stylists who don't specialize in kids cuts; he really enjoys cutting his hair, talking to him and chucking him under the chin every so often. "you are my very good friend! i love you!" he says to my son, and my little guy just beams at him. it probably doesn't hurt that my son is extremely well-mannered in the chair, but my little boy seems to really enjoy the experience in return, and he doesn't want to hop off the booster seat board when the cut is finished.

joe does a great job with his hair, especially with clippers, and always gives him a lollipop when he's finished. it's so cute to watch him and joe that my husband and i always find ourselves with lumps in our throats, watching our little man getting a big-boy haircut in a big-boy barber shop.
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Jay's Barber Shop in Evanston. While I've not had a straight-razor shave there, I've been meaning to, and many friends have said they do great work (particularly Victor.)

I can, however, speak to the quality of the place for everything else. Incredibly genial, personal service, they'll treat you like they've known you for ages the second you walk through the door.
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I've actually been to Sal's for haircuts several times. The haircuts were usually okay, nothing great, but never terrible. I never got a shave there (oddly, they never offered), but he did use a straight razor to trim the back of my neck, and he never cut me or anything.
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Downtown: Joe LaLa's barber in the 440 S LaSalle building. The shop has been cutting hair and shaving men at the Board of Trade for 10's and ten's of years. When the board expanded about 10 years ago, the shop moved into the CBOE building.
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