How to fund small film?
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Having asked this already, and having followed some of that really great advice, I've found that I'm only 50% Hollywood compliant. So I want to do my own film, here in San Diego. Any advice for getting funding for a couple of cameras and some sound?

I've been developing some chops but I'm done with the mini-dv. It's time to step it up a bit and produce something that can be shown in a theater.
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Dentists. They have [STEREOTYPE] boring lives and lots of money [/STEREOTYPE]. They are ideal investors in risky, glamorous endeavors like film-making.
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Have you tried looking at the resources on the San Diego Film Commission's website? They look like they have some stuff, and maybe some of that stuff filed under 'student films' would be helpful in this case (students being notoriously poor). If nothing else, it's something to keep bookmarked if you plan to film in San Diego!
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