Unable to reach site from home, but fine elsewhere!
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Since around new years eve I have been unable to reach my website from home. Email has also stopped working. BUT, if I can reach it from work and other places, just not at home. What's going on and how do I fix it?

I live in the UK. My ISP is Pipex.

3 Win XP machines, one iBook. All connected (one wired, the rest wireless) through a Netgear DG834G router to 4mbps Broadband.

I called Pipex support who asked me to perform a Tracert and email it to them. I did, but haven't had a reply. This is what I sent them.

The domains I am trying to reach are:

lemonfridge.com hosts the other 2. sedas.net is my dads business website - he hasn't been able to access it or his email since New Years Eve which is why I am under a bit of pressure to get him back online.

Any ideas?

(Using the software Hotspot Shield will let him get to the site and download email, but not send replies. This is working as a short term solution)
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It looks like your webhost is ServInt. They have great tech support-why not call and ask them why your traceroutes stop at the edge of their network and you can't reach your server from Pipex? They might be inadvertently blocking you for some reason.
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FWIW, when I do a traceroute, I reach the same point in ServInt's network where yours fails, but I sail right through it.

10  servint.ge5-7.br01.wdc02.pccwbtn.net (  78.057 ms  78.862 ms  68.879 ms
11  sc-smv1777.servint.net (  69.969 ms  69.919 ms  69.620 ms
12  emma.vnmserver.com (  68.881 ms  69.007 ms  68.468 ms

Yours stops at the same #11 hop above, and never gets beyond it^^^

Can you reach the customer support portal, or are you blocked from there as well? It's here. From there you can look up the phone number to call and speak to the network operations center. If I still had it handy I'd just give it to you.
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I had a similar problem when I was using Pipex and a Netgear router. It ended up being a case of my MTU being set wrong.

Go poke around in your router settings and try changing the MTU to 1500.

Good luck!
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Er, or you might have locked yourself out somehow. "emma.vnmserver.com" is the same IP address as your domains, and it's the one you can't seem to reach. Were you messing with iptables or anything like that? Do you have any automated scripts to ban IP addresses that might have gotten you swept up in their nets?
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Response by poster: Well I haven't messed with IP tables or anything like that, and I've tried changing my MTU setting to no avail.

I've sent ServInt an email asking for assistance. Hopefully they will get back to me and be more helpful than my host and ISP!
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Two things I can think of:

Try OpenDNS and see if it's a problem with Pipex's DNS resolving.

Secondly, I had a problem with an internet hosting provider with overzealous DDOS protection - something like checking an e-mail every minute from a number of machines can trigger a IP / Range block (in my experience it was network monitoring software that caused it).
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If you perhaps tried to login several times and failed, it's possible that your host has blocked your home IP as a precaution against a password crack. (I've had the same happen to me when I misremebered what I'd changed my password to.)

A quick call or email to tech support (and a round of verification that you are who you say you are) is all it takes to remove such a block.
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Response by poster: Turns out my IP was blocked for some unknown reason. A few emails and everything is fine again. I guess it's a downside of having a static IP!
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