Nightlife in Berlin suggestions?
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Going to Berlin in March with some Friends was wondering if anyone new a cool website that might detail whats going on between March 27th -31st.

I am thinking Berlin's answer to Village Voice or MetroMix or something like that. I can speak German so thats not a problem. Any other recommendations of good places to go out also welcome - particularly Electro, Indie, Hip Hop, Dancey places!
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The best place to look is

for lefty/"underground" stuff

for concerts

or just pick up a copy of Zitty when you get into town. Tipp and the Berlin English language magazine ExBerliner also have listings.
Rosis a bit out of the way in Friedrichshain for smaller indie and electro nights, Icon for hiphop/DnB, Yaam near ostbahnhof for dancehall/hiphop, Berghain for fairly hardcore techno hedonism, Casseopeia hiphop, H20 glossy hiphop, Lido for indie, Maria for everything, Watergate expensive DJs, White Trach Fast Food indie etc, Supamolly is lovely, scruffy and friendly and is worth a look whatever....

Places to AVOID are, IMHO,
anything on or near Oranienburgerstrasse and Hackescher Markt - tourist traps
the whole of Charlottenburg, kudamm, - West Berlin in fact!
Roter Salon
and Tresor
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Wow. That's a very canonical answer and leaves me with nothing else to say, except that Kreuzberg is part of West Berlin, which people often forget, and I hope you aren't speaking ill of Kreuzberg.
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Exberliner, as mentioned by runincircles is a good one. Here's where you can find it online.
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What?! If I were ever in Berlin, Tresor would be first on my list!
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whoops, of course, creasy boy! I live in SO36 and I never think of it as West - just as the centre of the universe! and I just had a bad experience of Tresor, mkb, all the recommendations and anti-recommendations I put up there are extremely subjective...
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thanks peeps for the tips, keep them coming if anyone knows more!
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If you would like to dance naked in the midst of an orgy, you could try KitKatClub, which apparently has moved right near Tresor and Berghain. It's hard to get in because of the dress code, you have to show up naked or with ass-chaps and nipple-clips or something...I don't know, I got in once because I was tagging along with a professional, and I didn't really partake of the orgy, but I guess it was worth seeing once. Their site is here.

I only mention it because they play electronic music.
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