Can you recommend examples of presentations using Keynote?
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Can you recommend examples of presentations using Keynote?

There are 2 sides to my question:
1. I'm looking for Keynote presentations that show me the possibilities of Keynote.
2. I'm looking for presentations (in Keynote or Powerpoint) that show an alternative to the much maligned bullet point format.
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Presentation Zen has both; much of my presentation "style" is cribbed from that site. Though the site's about giving good presentations in general, the author uses Keynote and has a number of examples to download. I haven't read the Presentation Zen book, but I imagine it, too is quite good.

I'd be happy to share a couple of my Keynote slide decks if you want; drop me an email if you like.
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Let's ask the master.
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I believe Al Gore used Keynote in the film/presentation "An Inconvenient Truth."
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Response by poster: Ehm. Apparently I wasn't quite clear. I'd like the Keynote presentations in their original format so I can explore the construction of the presentation.
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I hope this isn't too obvious. Or this. You can search for others on the site too.
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I do presentations mostly without bullet points using both Keynote and Presentation which is the Open Office version of PowerPoint. I'm aware that you may be looking for examples from someone famouser than me, but I can at least show you some of the examples of what I've done because they're all online.

My favorites are this talk on agitprop (done in keynote, exported as PDF, I can email you the Keynote presentation if you want) and this one about Library2.0 topics (similar, they both use transitions that are not at all apparent in the PDF). When I just want to talk in bullet points I just do an HTML/CSS slideware thingie and don't waste people's time with ppt stuff. This has the added benefit of being something that people can look at on the web and actually click through all the links without worrying about whether they have ppt or get the whole "link in a slide" thing. This is my favorite example of this: Pimp My Firefox. It's five slides, roughly 45 minutes but it's all together as almost an online handout for people to go back and pick through.
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Response by poster: Actually I'm not looking for presentations by anybody famous. Any presentation skills that are so artistic as to be inimitable are of no use to me. Common sense examples are great.
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I think this is the defining presentation done in Keynote (I'm pretty sure Dick Hardt is using Keynote right? Somebody back me up here) and in my opinion it's one of the best presentations I've ever seen.
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disclaimer, that is AWESOME!

Looks like Keynote to me. It inspires me to get off my butt and get my presentation together. (But first I have to finish my website, brochure, blog setup, etc etc... sigh)

Anyway, great link thanks.
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Here are the direct Keynote links to my talk. They don't do anything super special but if people want to peek at them they are here: agitprop (5 MB), library 2.0 (13MB)
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