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How do I move my cigars across an ocean?

Next month or so I will be moving overseas. Most of my belongings will be easy to ship, except for my three desktop humidors and the roughly 100 cigars that they contain. Getting rid of the cigars is obviously not an option, and I've read that cigars don't do so well in airplane cargo holds, so what is the best way to get them to my new home without causing any damage to the cigars or the humidors? All of the travel humidors I've found online are 10 or 20 capacity, which'll get pretty expensive if I have to buy 5 or 10 of them.
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Are you familiar with the coolerdoor?

The guys on alt.rec.cigars used to be really enthusiastic about them... I figure you could carry on a cooler of the right size onto a plane.
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This might help.
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2nd the coolerdor; I've got a setup that way myself--go to, order some 65% beads and a bag to hold them and you'll be ready to go. Just use distilled water on the beads, and they're pretty damn skippy on holding the humidity right at 65/70/etc (depending on the beads). Cooler--get one with good seal; that's bout it (and big enough). If you want more more more information, I'm also a member of There's more info there than you can shake a stick at.
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I wouldn't be too worried about it. Put them in boxes, make sure the cedar sheet is moist and take them in the cabin. The most important thing is that the cover leaves don't get dry enough for cracks to form.
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