How do I Windowsfy Mac OS X?
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There are lots of tutorials and software on how to Macify Windows but is there anything out there on how to Windowsfy a Mac?

I am looking to Windowsfy Mac OS X (Tiger). Some of the changes I would like to be able to do is move the window title bar buttons to the right, use the Apple menu more like the Windows Start menu, and an Explorer like replacement for the Finder.

I am looking for native Mac solutions, nothing which involves installing X Window System or compiling from source. I do not want solutions which involve dual-booting Windows, or running Windows either.

The reason why is because I help out teaching the over-50's on how to use a PC, the internet etc and one of them has been given a PowerBook with Mac OS X, and I would like to create a familiar environment on it to start her off with a Mac.
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Searched Lifehacker's MAC OS X section for 'Windows.'

Here are some of the results.

Mac OS X: Simulate Windows' "My Computer" on the Mac

Ask the Readers: Switching from Windows to the Mac? which links to 10 tips for new Mac users, switching from Windows...

Mac Tip: Add the Path button to Finder's toolbar

Thought I might find more, but seems like Mac people want nothing to do with Windows... Weird. Make sure you check out the comments section as there are usually a lot of good user submitted tips.
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Double Command allows you to inverse keys such as control and command, as well as do certain selections as in windows. Not the sort of thing that an over 50 person would use, but meets your criteria.
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I'm not sure that your plan (to Windows-ize OSX) wouldn't confuse them even more. In the long run, it might be best to just teach them OSX cleanly.
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I'm 99% sure that moving the title bar buttons to the right is impossible. It's coded way too deep in the system to change, or to change without gigantic stability risks.
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I think Thorzdad is right - better to make a chart or diagram saying 'Here is where things have moved to,' and try and teach better practices. e.g. Home folders are the same, the Desktop is the same, shortcuts are the same, and so forth. You might draw a simple directory tree, even, to show how the locations of your files might have sensibly changed.

Show 'em Spotlight and explain how that might help them find things when they're not sure where to look.

I sympathize with your situation. Should you have the older Mac user buy a mouse to go with his/her Macbook? Won't the trackpad drive him/her insane?

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