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I recently fell in love with this satchel at Sundance and wanted to replace my Timbuk2 Metro bag with it. Unfortunately, it lacks interior pockets.

I definitely need interior pockets for keeping all of my gear neat and tidy. There is a similiar bag at Colonel Littleton, but I'm afraid it's a bit too masculine for me. Can anyone recommend a similiar bag/satchel that is leather and resembles an old saddlebag that's not too masculine for a lady?

Thanks in advance!
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How about getting the Sundance bag you love and getting an organizer insert for it instead? The Purseket or the Chameleon or something similar might make the satchel more usable for you. The pockets line the bag, leaving the center free for whatever. Plus, it would make switching out bags easy if you ever want to do that.

On the other hand, this one at Levenger has a similar look to it with pockets.
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I know some ladies who swear by the Purseket for medium to large bags with no pockets (or that have just that one flat zippered pocket on the side that really never helps).
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I have this one from Marcopoloni. It's quite nice, has interior pockets and isn't too masculine (for me, at least). The only thing is that it's a little heavy, but if you're already considering leather that's probably not a deal breaker.
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This Latico "rugged messenger" bag has a similar feel to the Sundance one you like, but it only has one buckle strap. (Sierra Trading Post is almost out of the dark brown, so if you'd like one at their price you'll have to move fast.)
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