How hard is the MD bar?
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How hard is the Maryland bar?
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Pretty hard.

People say it has been getting harder since Maryland began giving double weight to the essay portion of the test.

"Maryland, a midpoint state compared to the national average of pass rates from 1990 until July 2000, fell into the lower third overall for 2001, 2002 and 2003, according to the National Conference of Bar Examiners."
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Compared to other states' bars, it has a relatively low pass rate - it looks like about 2/3 usually pass.
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I presume you're asking because you're considering taking the bar, so "pretty hard" is probably not helpful. When thinking about taking the bar, keep in mind that a low pass rate is often due to repeat takers who may never pass the bar. Often, it is more instructive to look at the pass rate only of first-time applicants. For instance, in the 2006 numbers in dilettante's very helpful link, the rate for the July administration (filled with first timers who just got their JDs), the pass rate was 70%, whereas the rate for the February administration (filled with repeat takers who failed July) was 56%. The overall pass rate of 66% reflects the overall passage. (Note the off-the-wall numbers for Palau!)

Moreover, you really should be looking at the first-time pass rate for your school, as this is more likely a better pool of comparison for how you will fare when you sit for the bar. I know I saw the pass rate for my school when I was studying--I may have gotten it from BarBri.

Last note--if you are considering taking the bar--any bar--I would recommend taking BarBri (or similar) to prepare, and study every day. The day after taking the bar (or the day you get the results), you will always rather chuckle that you overstudied than softly moan about not having studied enough.
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Ahh Footnote. Christ, take the out-of-state attorney's exam. Its OPEN BOOK with the code and the rules! I can't see any practice duration requirements, I thought it was 5 years but I guess not.

The regular bar exam wasn't that hard. I took the BarBri while I was clerking, then took the PMBR, then took 10 days of 10 hours a day 55 minutes an hour all-out studying. I did just fine.

If you have any specific questions, just email me.
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From my husband, the lawyer, and many friends: Not as hard as the Va bar, but harder than DC. (Not sure you're interested in practicing in the DC metro area part of MD, but this info was helpful to us.)
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I'm tempted to be glib and say, "Depends how much you like horses." Because I took it at the PG Equestrian Center.

But Ironmouth has it - the regular one was really not that bad. The focus on essays was actually quite nice, as many of them require far less depth in answering than you're initially inclined to give them. It can free up a lot of extra time for the complicated essays.

The admitted attorneys exam, though, does require five years [pdf link] of full-time experience.
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