Help me sync my phone!
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What's the best-case scenario for syncing my cell phone with a Linux desktop?

I just got a Nokia 6126, and I would like to sync its calendar, address book, and filesystem with my Linux desktop (dual-core AMD64 running Ubuntu Gutsy). My google-fu is turning up a lot of scruffy-looking-project maybes. Should I get a USB cable or a Bluetooth dongle? What client software should I try?

Difficulty level: I'm comfortable recompiling a kernel but I'm too lazy to go that far for a cheap phone. :)
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There are some Linux distros available for BitPim. (Disclaimer -- IANALinux user -- but that program [as Windows version] + a USB cable let me sync my phone to my computer easily, and I am super-happy about that.) So I don't know if it'd work for you, but I'll at least put in a vote for that software incase it helps.
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