Aquarium Live Rock
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Just a real quickie: what does this news article actually mean? Live rock? Huh?
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maybe it's like coral? or is used by fish/crabs/etc as homes?
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Live rock is basically accumulated coral skeletons with bacteria living in it. It's good for aquariums as as it helps with filtration and such.
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Uncured Live Rock:

Sought after by hobbyists because of the additional life forms found on it. Do not introduce uncured rock to an existing aquarium without first curing it.

A simple and very effective way to treat for and eliminate unwanted critters from fresh Live Rock is to dip each piece in a bucket of very saline water (SG 1.030) for 20-30 seconds. Mantis shrimp will quickly evacuate the rock. Bristle worms will also crawl out and can be pulled from their holes with tweezers.
- from a google search.
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Hmmmm. Guess I should have tried Google after all. I thought it was some sort of weird, weird mistake in the story!
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Live sand, too?

The things on can learn on the Internet!
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