Help me reduce the reflection on my laptop lcd.
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How can I make my laptop's lcd screen less reflective?

My cheap laptop's lcd screen is glossy like glass and reflects like a mirror. Granted, I could have paid more money and gotten a better laptop, but...

When I look at the screen, I'm staring into my own reflection. How can I make it less reflective?

The googles talk about matte screens, and I don't want that. I like the sharp, contrasty look. I just want to lose the reflection.

I think what I want is called an anti-reflective coating. Anyone found it? Where can I get it?
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I think you're going to have to adjust the lighting situation in your room. I'm not aware of any anti-reflective coating available for laptop screens.
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I think you're looking for screen protectors / protective films. They often come in matte finish.

This company sells LCD Protective Film and has photos showing its use on glossy iMac screens.
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Oh whoops, sorry about that. I should have read the full post.
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Anything you do do reduce the reflectiveness of the screen will affect the image underneath of the screen. About the only thing you can do is ensure that the screen is brighter than the ambient light. It's the same principle as a window. If the environment on the opposite side of the window is significantly dimmer than your side, then you will see your reflection. If the opposite side is significantly brighter, then you won't.
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As I understand it, the matte screens are basically the shiny screens with an anti reflective coating. The shiny screens simply have no coating.

Your alternative to adjusting your lighting or modifying the screen is something like this, which seems unwieldly.
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The dimmer the area you use it the less reflection you'll get. Using a computer with a screen like that with a window behind you is not going to work well. The best you can do without resorting to a matte screen is probably picking carefully where you use the computer.
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I thought the shiny screens were a recent development in laptop displays ("BrightView", etc.). They give you very good blacks while having the potential for bright whites as well. As far as I know, it's not a matter of cheapness. My very expensive laptop has an extremely glossy 1920x1200 display, and the image quality is fantastic.

My suggestion would be not to cover the screen, but just position yourself to avoid reflections.
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Response by poster: So the glossy, highly reflective lcd screen is actually part of what makes the display high-quality, bright, and contrasty. It's a feature, not a disadvantage!

Just knowing this will make it easier to pick darker locations to use my laptop. Thanks, AMF!
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