Help capture stills from a DV Camera.
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Looking for a windows method to take stills from a DV camera.

I have a windows PC and a DV camera that connects VIA firewire. Are there any good pieces of software to capture still images at set intervals? The plan is to use this as a security device that uploads to a web server in real time. Creative solutions are encouraged, I'm not adverse to using Linux, but I'd prefer to work with what I have.
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I have used Dorgem for this sort of thing with a USB webcam, with some success.

(NB: I know SFA about decent cameras, firewire, etc... but the site does say 'Any Video for Windows compatible webcam (or other digital camera) is supported.')
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My DV camera can double as a webcam, and I think that's common. You might check to see if there is also a USB jack on it.
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