How do I meet interesting people in Vancouver?
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Help me meet geeks in Vancouver!

New in town from the states, and I'm looking for new friends locally. I read all the old AskMe's, but most are concerned with what to do in Vancouver rather than where to go to meet intelligent people. Tried with mixed success, but I'm afraid most people I'd meet that way will be older and less rambunctious than me. Hobbies include web/software design, drinking and occasional physical things like parkour or hiking. Where do all the geeks moon?
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Vancouver Media & Tech Events. For instance.
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You could always suggest a mefi meetup over in metatalk.
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Best answer: Hello MaxK.

There's actually a huge geek community here. Lots of events for you to try out, particularly if you can get over the "zomg it's an industry event" feeling. I've met tons of people simply by going out to different tech-related items. They usually end in beers (and if you're lucky, friendships).

Most things seem to be surrounding Gastown these days. Off the top of my head, Launch Party (for disclosure, I'm an organizer) is coming up, as is Third Tuesday. I haven't been to Third Tuesday, but I hear there's a great bunch of folks that go out to it.

If you're looking for a more random setting to meet people, I'd suggest heading down to the Five Points area (water st), and to one of the Irish pubs therein. Lots of us geeks hang out there on our off time.
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damnit IE ate my response.

a) welcome to Vancouver.
b) a meetup would be good, I think, especially since most everyone at the last one was a colossal nerd.
c) you also sound like you'd fit right in with a bunch of people I know from UBC; I'll drop you a MeMail if we get together any time soon.
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yes let's do a meetup! I've been in Vancouver for more than a year. Since then I've said I was coming to a meetup and then failed to actually show up at least three times. This time I promise I will come, for reals. as long as I'm not too busy or sick or something...
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Best answer: There's also Boris & Bryght's (or I guess it's RainCity now) DemoCamp Vancouver. They also do an annual BarCamp, but it's usually around the end of the summer. If you're into the mobile thing, WinBC runs Mobile Monday Vancouver.

In general, Vancouverites <3 Facebook, so you also might want to see if there are any interesting groups with related events.

Depending on the time/place I'd be down for a meetup sometime.
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