Who wrote this scifi story abount kids who couldn't grow up?
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Help me figure out the title/author of this short science fiction story. It was about a world where everyone stopped growing.

The story is fairly recent -- probably written in the last ten years.

No one grew up; they continued to advance intellectually, but physically they were stuck at the age they were when the disease/non-aging phenomenon struck. It was hellish for infants. A lot of toddlers had been augmented with cyberware for some reason.

The main character was trapped in the body of an 11 year old, but was actually around thirty and working as a lawyer or real estate agent. I think the story opened with her (or him?) buying a pirate ship house. There was some kind of conflict where she found out a couple of her friends were taking drugs to experience puberty and she was really disgusted by it.

Anyone know the title or author's name?
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Best answer: That story was also read on Escape Pod, the 3 year olds were scary.
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Response by poster: Awesome. Thanks guys!
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(That was so creepy! I didn't know I was so scared of augmented 3-year-olds.)
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Thanks. That was a very, very good story.
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Very nice story. Thanks you for that!
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