Earth's water vs land volume (shown in spheres) image?
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ISO: Photo-like diagram of the ratio of total volume of water to total volume of land on Earth. NOT the surface area - the TOTAL respective volumes of the planet.

I knew I should've saved it when it made the rounds the first time, now I can't find it.

It's a picture of two spheres comparing Earth's water vs. land composition. One sphere represents the total land mass, the other smaller blue one represents the total water mass.

Hope me?
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What parts of the earth do you consider "land"? Keep in mind that much of Earth's core is made of iron, and is not typically what one thinks of when hearing the word "land".
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Is it this one - Adam Nieman's Visions of Science winner?
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How do you measure "volume" for land?
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Yes Wolfdog, that's the one. Thanks!
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Looks about right. Radius of Earth = 6378000 m so volume of Earth = 1.08678129 × 10^21 m^3. Average depth of ocean over 3/4 of Earth's surface = 3800 m so it over the whole surface it would form a hollow sphere 2850 m thick. Subtract Earth's volume from that of the larger sphere to get a volume for the water of 1.45753101 × 10^18 m^3. The radius of a sphere of that volume would be 703358 m, a little over 1/10th the radius of the planet, as depicted.

I guess the little sphere on the globe on the right is supposed to be the volume of the atmosphere?
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Wow, that's actually more water than I expected.
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What an amazing illustration! Is there a higher-res version out there somewhere?
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*fixes running toilet*
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