What happens to the Democratic delegates from FL and MI?
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What's going to happen to the delegates from the Michigan and Florida Democratic primaries?

So I read that because these 2 states are holding their primaries too early, the Democratic National Committee are punishing them by not seating their delegates at the convention. Does that mean that, literally, no delegates from Michigan and Florida will be at the convention, and thus will not contribute to the delegate count for any of the candidates?
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Best answer: A lot of good answers were posted in this previous question about the Michigan primary.
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Response by poster: Thanks....apologies for not having searched previous questions thoroughly enough.
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The question linked to addresses Michigan; I would like to hear specific answers regarding Florida.
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I second that. If anyone knows anything about Florida, I'd like to hear it.
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Same story in Florida (at least as far as the delegate count goes, although some people think the race will still be important for judging candidate strength).
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i believe that those delegates will ultimately be seated at the convention, because the democratic party needs michigan and florida more than michigan and florida need the party.
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