A good 'ol-fashioned driver hunt
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Here's a long shot: I'm looking for drivers for a super obscure piece of hardware from early in the decade. Specifically, a PCI souncard made by SeaSound called the SeaSound Solo EX. More specifically, the Mac OS 9 version of the drivers.

The company went bust some years ago. You can see their old webpage here but the link to download the drivers is very much dead. I know there's a project that created new drivers for Windows to use the Solo; I have the card in an old PowerMac G4 and intend to run legacy software on it.

Googling the filename (solodrivers131.hqx) didn't turn up anything. I realize there's probably no way in hell I'm ever going to find this file, but I can't give up without a fight.
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Best answer: Did you look here?
posted by Thorzdad at 6:01 AM on January 10, 2008

If those don't work for you, there is a Seasound forum for Windows users here. Someone there might know where to get the Mac drivers.
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Best answer: The readme in the 3.1 driver file via Thorzad's first link says it supports the SoloEx.
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Thorzdad seems to have it. 1.3.1 drivers for OS 8-9.04, plus some others.
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I believe the above solutions will work, but if you don't succeed, feel free to mefi-mail me and I'll upload what you need from my 3.5" floppy. Do you need a second SeaSound Solo unit? Cheap?
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Response by poster: incredible! the hive mind is undefeatable
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