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Vacation in Turkey + love of folk music and instruments. What to do?

I am going to istanbul for a week in march... I love crazy musical instruments and hearing traditional music being played.

Where should I go to get some turkish folk instruments to play with when I get home? Such as...

I like woodwinds, so I definately want to pick up a Zurna, maybe a Saz, I dont know!!!

I am hoping there is some sort of district / market that specializes in instruments but that might be naive.

Also, where can I go to hear some real turkish music?

Even outside of istanbul is fine, we are taking some day trips!
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We bought some instruments in the Istanbul Grand Bazaar (metal drum, etc..)
While I'm sure we could have found something cheaper and better quality with lots of searching, it was pretty convenient and an interesting set of shops to visit anyway.

We got on the wrong boat once when visiting thinking it was going to take us across the waterway near the galata bridge (I think). Turns out it was a inexpensive 'circle line' tour filled mostly with Turkish families visiting the big city. Most of the trip around there was some interesting folk music / dancing being done by some of the families to pass the time.
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We crossed via bus and took the "tunel" to Galeta Tower - we were told most folks took the tunel up and walked down. When we left the tower and sort of followed the walking crowds, we turned right where EVERYONE else headed left, and walked down this winding, steep street that was lousy with music shops. I hate to be so vague, but I don't remember what the street was called - maybe someone else can help with that part - the steep downhill street took us to the return bus stop at the bottom of the hill.
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From TripAdvisor (and sorry, I spelled Galata wrong):

Tunel Quarter is also visited frequently by the ones who are interested in music. The street, Galip Dede, going down to Galata Tower from Tunel is filled with shops selling music instruments and other stuff.

Google "musical instruments" or "music shops" turkey "galata tower" and you will find tons more information.
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