what is the best mountain bike under 10k
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i want to rediscover the joys of mountain biking - what bike should i buy (in china!)

ok, i got into road cycling and it led me away from my old passion of mountain biking. i previously owned a super V raven, which was a great cross country bike but the travel was a bit small. i also owned a giant, but it was rock shocks and i found it to be a bit sloppy. money is literally no consideration, except that i will travel with the bike, so probably would not spend 10k on something that might get a little knocked around.
i weigh around 76kg, but will drop a bit once i get my kms up. i want a bike that i can use around town, but will be a stellar performer off-road. any opinions? i dont ride crazy stuff, but want something sharp and thrilling for quick cross country rides.
i would consider a cannondale dualy again, but want to get some advice before i go around trying everything.
part 2 - also, ill be based in china this year, so if anyone knows the slightest info about buying a bike in shanghai, please advise
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I ride a Specialized Epic - fully suspended, get XT all around (XTR will save weight, but just break if you mistreat it). 'Brain' system smooths out the rear suspension when you are on smooth(er) trails so it rides like a hardtail when it should.
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I'm on a Niner RIP9 which I built up myself. Incredible, incredible bike. Best I've ever ridden, and everyone who rides it wants one. I got mine from Bike29.com where George will hold your hand all the way.
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Shanghai and environs are as flat as it gets - not sure a MTB will be of much use there. If you have a car, you might be able to do some weekend trips to places with trails. There are plenty of high end bike stores though, so don't worry about waiting until you get there to purchase.
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There are Giant retailers all across China in the major cities. They offer a wide range of styles, parts and equipment. The problem however is that Giants are very attractive to theft, or as the Chinese like to put it, Giants and other brand name mountain bikes have a tendency to "get lost" more often.

You might want to simply have two bikes. You can get cheap city bikes anywhere that you can bang around on. They are heavy and don't offer much in the way of ammenities, but they are less likely to get stolen and after pushing a massive, rickety iron clunker around the streets dodging traffic, potholes and old ladies, a mountain bike run will seem like a dream! Incidentally, I suggest for your safety that you get a "lady bike" for city use. The added ability to dismount a second quicker and without having to swing your leg over the bar can come in very handy when contending with Chinese driving styles.
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