Where to find viscoelastic rubber...?
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Can anyone tell me where to research/find bulk viscoelastic rubber, or molded rubber that has viscoelastic properties? I'm looking for a material that when stretched, takes its sweet time in returning to its original size/shape. Turns out there are no rubber stores in my area to browse, thus no experts to turn to. Most info I've found online is scientific discussions about rubber properties.
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McMaster-Carr. Search for "rubber," choose "about rubber" for some background information. You want a low-durometer material.
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A common term for the property you describe is "shape memory." You might try searching for "polymer" as well as/instead of "rubber."
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Thomas Register is a directory of manufacturers and distributors; their online database is ThomasNet. A search for "viscoelastic rubber" returned 282 possible suppliers of various rubber materials, and 10 for viscoelastic foam. That might help you get started.
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