I don't want to have Jack Dangers nightmares...
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What was this Meat Beat Manifesto song with a long voice sample talking about prison life?

A long time ago, I had a cassette of MBM's "Storm the Studio," and the aforementioned song was on it. I lost it, or it was stolen, or something (long before CD burners became cheap enough for anyone to buy, or else, well, you know...) A while back I bought the CD version of Storm the Studio and it had every track I remembered from the tape on it except my favorite song - what was that all about?! And what was this song called? And which CD is it (really) on that I can order and listen to it over and over?

If it helps I remember the song titles were versions of each other like "God O.D. Part I" "God O.D. Part II, God O.D. Part III" and "Strap Down Part I," "Strap Down Part II" etc.,

If I remember right it also had a chorus of guy-voices shouting "gods of war! gods of war!" (or maybe it was "dogs of war! dogs of war!") toward the end of the song.
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My guess is strap down, pt 3. It's included on some versions (LP) and not others (CD).
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thanks subtle-t. IIRC, the versions of the songs on the CD of Storm the Studio are sped up in ProTools so that the double-LP would fit on one CD. I didn't know they cut songs too.

ostranenie, in a related note, "I Got The Fear Pt. 5" is on Original Fire.
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Response by poster: I have Original Fire - that's the one that starts out with "Helter Skelter" and on one song has the exchange from Dark Star "Do you think we'll ever find any real intelligent life out there?" "Who cares?"

Is Strap Down 3 on anything else, ever? EPs? Anything?? It's the reason I bought the album!
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I have checked the official website and brainwashed.com/mbm, and it appears that Strap Down Pt. 3 has never been available on CD.

Sadly—you'd better sit down—Mr. Dangers just released a crapload of old songs and demos from his early MBM days. The promotional copy says "Some of these have never been available on CD before." Strap Down Pt. 3 is not included on the new CD.

I'm sorry. *pats you on the back sympathetically*
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Response by poster: Someone just emailed it to me. THANK YOU MR. ANONYMOUS!!!

I swear I don't know why it's not included on anything because I think it's a freakin' masterpiece. I think it's the best thing MBM has ever done, ever. Especially the middle, where you think it's the end, and it starts back up again (ala Coil's "The Snow" on The Snow EP) and gets even more intense. "It's a diabolical machine..." Pure brilliance. I love it.

Well anyway, I got what I wanted. Yay!!
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