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I'm experiencing a strange bug on my macbook pro: with little cause (perhaps a slight mouse gesture, though I have no mouse gesture programs installed), the os will switch to the Stickies application (and sometimes iTunes, when I quit Stickies). I can't figure out what's going on.

I am running Mac os x 10.4.11. It seems to be switching to the 'oldest' application to be launched--eg, stickies launches when I start up, so it's the first app to be launched in a particular session.

It's as if there is some secret apple-tab function being activated by my mouse, but I can't figure out the cause for switching.

I am running Virtue Desktops, though it happens even when I quit, and the problem predates that installation.

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Do you have anything set up for the corners under 'System Prefs->Dashboard and Expose'?
posted by pompomtom at 1:00 PM on January 9, 2008

Response by poster: Corners, yes, but it isn't happening when I move the mouse to the corners, but rather in the middle of the screen. I will disable corners and see if that solves anything, though.
posted by pinto at 1:01 PM on January 9, 2008

Is it perhaps related to an errant keystroke? The Services menu has a line item "Make New Sticky Note" that is command-shift-Y.
posted by browse at 3:00 PM on January 9, 2008

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