I can't believe I'm asking a question about Tater Mitts.
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Do Tater Mitts work? Yes, I love mashed potatoes. No, I am not joking. Yes, I'm generally very skeptical of infomercials.

(And yes, I know it's better to leave the skins on, but the person I live with hates that with an unbelievable passion.)
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My sister has a pair and she loves them to pieces. You do have to blanch the potato first though.
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but if you blanch the potatoes first, can't you peel them easily without any fancy mitts?
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Also what happens if there is a nubbly inny bit on the spud?
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A medium to firm bristled brush will scrub off the skin just as easily without having to blanch the potato first.
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Huh, a very similar product was just lampooned on Cracked. (#8)
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Best answer: Here's one person's experience.
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Yeah, an easier way is to cut a thin circle around the circumference of a potato, just cutting through the skin. Then blanch - the skin will shrink more rapidly than does the potato. Then you just take a paper towel, a clean tea towel, or even just your hands, and pull the skin off in two huge pieces. Voila!
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Best answer: Tater Mitts reviewed
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Slight derail... If you want a kitchen gadget to help make awesome mashed potatoes, avoid those silly gloves, settle for a peeler and get a potato ricer.
Best. Mashed. Taters. Ever. And essential if you ever want to make gnocchi.
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i happen to like mine.
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The heavy-duty version of the potato ricer is a food mill, which, in my opinion, is one of the most underlooked kitchen tools these days. It's great for making all sorts of purees and for generally "separating the good squishy parts from the solids you want to leave behind". I use mine extensively in the summer for making large amounts of tomato puree (I bash them in a food processor with the dough blade first, which pulverizes them without nicking the seeds) for tomato sauce and gazpacho.

And yes, it also makes excellent mashed potatoes while removing the skins.
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Seconding the potato ricer. You will never go back.
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The ricer, my friend, is the best answer here. Just ask Jeffrey Steingarten.
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