Recycle rags?
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Is there a place in Los Angeles (preferably the South Bay) where I can take (recycle) clothing and rags that are in too poor shape to donate?
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Best answer: I don't know specifically, but ask at the Goodwill. AFAIK they send unsalable items to a rag merchant who I am sure pays them for the stuff.
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Animal shelters are often in need of those type items - you might call and ask one near to you.
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Best answer: It doesn't matter - cloth that Goodwill and the ilk can't resell is sold in bulk to rag brokers who then export it for conversion to textiles. In fact, the brokers are usually the ones who collect used clothing under the name of the charity (in exchange for a percentage payment of what the broker can offload the cloth for). Go ahead and give it to Goodwill - they'll get paid one way or the other.
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Not all Goodwills participate in rag recycling, apparently. From their FAQ:

For instance, some member Goodwills recycle old clothing scraps into industrial wipes (cleaning cloths) for industrial buyers.

I'd call to check before unloading the clothing.
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No place in the South Bay that I know of, but ABC Wiping Cloth on Humboldt ought to take it. If not, maybe they can recommend someone closer.
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Response by poster: Turns out, my Goodwill will take 'anything'! So thanks all!
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