Seattle Allergists?
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Looking for recommendations for allergists in Seattle. I'm not suffering like I did last spring!

I live near downtown in Capitol Hill, so I prefer doctors on the west side of the lake. TIA, MeFi!
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I go to Mary Lasley at Northwest Asthma and Allergy, right by U Village. My previous allergist there died suddenly, so I've only seen Dr. Lasley once, but I really liked her, and they are devoted to allergies/asthma.
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Dr. Gail Shapiro died? That depresses me, I'd seen her in the past.
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Yes, I was floored to read about Dr. Shapiro's death in the Seattle Times last year. When I was switching to Dr. Lasley, the office told me Dr. Shapiro was born with a heart defect, had surgery for it before, and died undergoing (or recovering from) a second surgery. She was only 59, I believe, with a young grandchild she adored. There was a nice tribute to her in either the Times or PI.
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I had my appointment with Mary Lasley. She was quite good, though I had to go out of my way to ask my questions very slowly to counter her chihuahua-like demeanor. We'll see how this batch of drugs works.

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