Is Easter a bad time to visit Iguazu Falls?
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Is Easter a bad time to visit Iguazu Falls?

My fiancee and I are planning a trip to Buenos Aires/Iguazu Falls/Uruguay from March 19-29, 2008. We had planned to visit Iguazu falls over Easter weekend, but then we started to worry that Easter might not be the best time to visit the falls. We're only planning on spending two nights at Iguazu Falls. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect in Iguazu Falls or Buenos Aires over Easter? Should we push the Iguazu part of the trip to later in the honeymoon?
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Some more details might be helpful here. Why do you think Easter might not be a good time? Were you thinking crowds of people on vacation, for example, or weather? This page has some information about the weather possibilities. It recommends going during the rainy season, which you will be experiencing the end of.

Just my data points: I went in late May of last year and the crowds were pretty intense. That might have been due to kids getting out of school. Regarding weather, the river was in flood at the time. This made for a spectacular sight, but unfortunately Garganta del Diablo (the highlight of the park) was closed due to the heavy flow.

This isn't part of your question, but definitely do the waterfall boat ride. It's unforgettable. Oh, and don't forget to budget money for the visa to cross to the Brazilian side.
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Oh, and congratulations!
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I believe one night in Iguazu is more than enough, there is nothing else to do in this area, unless you want to see the Itaipú power station.
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@racingjs: I heartily disagree. I spent two days (one night) there and barely scratched the surface of activities. I spent all day on the Argentinean side, walking bridges and trails. I never made it to the Brazilian side of the falls, thus missing the bird sanctuary there (which I had hoped to see). Two nights should be barely enough if you plan well.
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Iguazu will most likely always be crowded; it's a major national attraction. I just went in November, and it was full of school kid tour groups, Argentine nationals, and bus loads of foreign tourists. We spent two nights there, overnighting in Puerto de Iguazu on the Argentine side and busing over to the falls every day. I had no idea that I could fill two full days marveling at waterfalls and wildlife! We never made it to the Brazilian side due to costs/hassles (we're from the US).

DEFINITELY do the waterfall ride, and I'd suggest doing this as part of the end of your adventure, after you've seen all the other pieces of the falls. Tell your s.o. not to wear a white t-shirt!
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Don't see why Easter would be a problem.

2-3 days is great for Iguazú. Spring for the in-the-park Sheraton on the Argentine side. If you're an American, don't bother with the Brazilian side for the above-mentioned visa annoyance ($100 and either by-mail or with in-person interview), which isn't worth it for your short time. Plan your days well to avoid crowds, and definitely take the waterfall boat ride.

Itaipú is great nerd-porn. I highly recommend it if you like big structures, and the tour is free. Nearby is a museum of ethnography or anthropology or something, also good.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the info.

@whatzit: As an American, I would need a visa to visit Itaipú, right?
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