Good, modern, innovative computer desk?
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Anybody know where I can find a good, modern, innovative computer desk? I'd kind of like something modular and flexible, if that makes sense, but all I can find are traditional office desks. UK stockists are preferred, but I'm interested in US ones too, for research as much as anything else.
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Biomorph stuff has always looked cool.
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Poetictech Aura (most insane feature: the entire thing rotates through the day to optimally avoid sun glare).

Hey, you didn't say price was an object. The side benefit being you can feel like you're on a star trek set all day long.

On a more practical note: I'd avoid any of that particle board stuff often sold as modular computer furniture (Ikea has a lot of that stuff), unless you want furniture that is only gonna last a couple years.
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If Ikea is your thing then I would recommend the 'Jerker', lots or workspace, plenty of space for monitors/laptops/keyboards/ and other perhiperals. Addtional shevling units can be added on the side.
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Maybe this is too obvious, but I like my Anthro. Unbeatably solid construction, none of that particle-board wobble. Easy to take apart and reconfigure. Not so much with the aesthetics, though.
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I've got a jerker type desk from IKEA with a few extra shelves than that. I've had it for at least 6 years and I'm still pleased with it. I've been considering buying an Anthro workstation desk, though. They've been advertising in Wired for a while and I have to say, their products certainly look- efficient.
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I'm mostly happy with the Jerker, but it was an unbelievable pain to assemble. You'll need a decent power drill with a hex head that will fit Ikea screws. If you rely on the elbow thingy, you'll tear the ligaments in your arms, and spit on the thing in utter frustration.
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I like the flexability of the Metro system. They don't really do justice to all the options on the site, in fact, I think their standard options look awful. My metro desk is heavily modified and has shelves and add-ons from the kitchen and industrial parts of their line, it is also the right size to neatly hold a couple of rackmount appliances. Adjustable, indestructible and not ugly.

(additional feature: optional Seismic Protection (OK, well not insane for Californians))
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I designed my own large two-person curvy "ergonomic-style" desktop and got it made by The Cutting Company (in the UK). They supply free turbocad on their website, which I found very easy to use.

My desk is made from very thick MDF, with my choice of finish (maple veneer and varnish) and a rounded off front edge, with several holes near the back (to my design) for cable grommets. It came to less than GBP 200 including delivery. It is very smart and is admired by all my visitors.

Contact me if you want to know more.
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One thing I'm considering for my next desk is a workbench: you order the legs and top separately, and can add extras like drawers. Relatively cheap, very sturdy, and kind of ugly (err, "industrial"). Not sure where you'd look in the UK (I'm sure you can find them somewhere) but for an idea of what I mean, check out McMaster Carr and search on "workbench."
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I've been lusting after a Biomorph desk for years. My old dot-com had them and I never realized how good they were until they were gone. I just wish they were, you know, affordable.
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I've always been a fan of the DC-3 Dakota Wingtip Desk.
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I am also a sucker, I've been loving my Jerker desk from Ikea. w/o that ugly top part though. I didn't have the problem that Aladfar had though, it was mostly easy to put together. Getting it from the wherehouse in the store though.. more trouble than worth.
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I am also a sucker, I've been loving my Jerker desk from Ikea. w/o that ugly top part. I didn't have the problem that Aladfar had though, it was mostly easy to put together. Getting it from the wherehouse in the store.. more trouble than worth.
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Interesting link to TCC, suleikacasilda! Unfortunately I'm in the US; does anyone know if there's a similar service within reasonable shipping distance of Seattle?

For plastic and metal, I've seen advrtisements for, which looks interesting. I don't know how they'd compare to a local flesh-and-blood machine shop in terms of price and service, but it's still an intriguing idea.
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What ever you do, don't RAISE your monitor. I bought something that looks mostly like the Biomorph, in Germany, specificaly to LOWER the monitor. I have some nasty neck problems.
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Thanks for all the advice - it's very much appreciated. I think I've had some inspiration..
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