Looking for psychologist/therapist recommendations for Portland, Oregon
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Looking for a psychologist/therapist recommendation for the Portland, Oregon area. (more details inside)

I'm trying to help a sibling in her 30s find a good psychologist.

She'd like a female therapist, and I'd prefer someone with a Clinical PhD or PsyD who works using CBT and is very empathetic, conveying strong unconditional regard towards her patients. Ideally, I'd like to find someone who understands the self-esteem problems particular to adult children of narcissistic parents, and/or the problems of single mothers with autistic children.

Any suggestions? (feel free to use the Metafilter email system to PM me if you prefer).

Thanks so much!
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Linda Estergaard (503) 675-2830

A real mover & shaker, feels more like a life-coach, I've recommended her to 4 friends, and everyone has been glad they called.
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