Curse my gigantic head!
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I love these glasses, except that they're too narrow for my face! Any sources for larger versions of that frame? Or failing that, does this style of frame have a more specific name than "plastic half-rim"?

Here are some other* examples that are sort of the basic style, except not half-rim. Half-rim is what I'm really looking for.

And here's a picture of me in my current glasses (55mm eye width, 39mm eye height, 21mm bridge) but sans beard.

*Yes, that's mefi's own Popesquatter, Sportsfilterer and all-around class act rcade.
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Your current glasses look a bit too wide for your head (current trends are for smaller frames). I would advise going to an optical shop "just to look" and see what size frames fit comfortably on your head, and make a note of the widths. Most frame styles come in at least 3 different widths, so perhaps you could use the "contact" button at the online store and ask if the style you're wanting comes in a wider width.
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Response by poster: Good idea. And yeah, if anyone has suggestions for other glasses to consider, I'll happily take a look.
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I too have a giant head. I have trouble buying any frames in stores, much less something a little harder to find like shurons.
I found these shurons at a flea market. It took a while of going to goodwill and flea markets before I found a pair that was wide enough.
The bonuses of finding an old used pair are that they're way cheap (I paid $5 and they are in perfect shape) and that the newer versions (at least those made by shuron) are narrower vertically. When I tried a friend's new pair the lenses didn't even go low enough to glance at my dashboard.

Short version: try thrift stores, flea markets, and estate/garage sales.
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Hey there Joshua.
I've no idea how to help with the glasses thing.
But..... your current glasses are very round, as is your face. A good idea to change this. Um, your glasses, not your face.

An article I read recently by a glasses fitting person said that round faced folk should have the oblong glasses, but not in a dark colour. So gold oblong would be ideal for your face.
(I remember this because I, too, have a round face and wear glasses.) I'm waiting for my Zenni Opticals as we speak.

I have had the half frame glasses and they're a pain in the arse. They're quite fragile. I wouldn't buy them again. But that's just me, I'm pretty tough on my glasses.

Sorry I can't be helpful, but seeing as this is a lonely old thread, thought you wouldn't mind if I popped in and kept it extraneous company.

Best of luck fellow be-spectacled, round-headed, big-headed chap!
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Assuming your current glasses fit that enormous noggin, measure the total width of your current glasses. As a fellow balloon head I find that this measurement is as crucial as the others when buying online. Also be aware that your current lense hight is taller than is in style today.

I ran across this extra wide pair of specs at Zenni that are square half frames, but are metal vs. plastic and may or may not be to your taste.
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I also have a husky noggin. My wife begged me for years to get a pair of half rims but all the frames I found had those little feet that push into your nose leaving a mark and a headache. She shopped around and finally found these.
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