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Last summer, I was walking through Boy's Town here in Chicago when some guys handed me a mint plant to advertise some new plant delivery service in the area, focusing on plants for cooking. I did not want to raise fresh herbs last summer, but now I do and, although the mint is thriving in my mom's garden, I have lost the business card that came with it! My websearch skills are not helping me find them; anyone know the company?

Alternately, do you have a local place where you buy your indoor herb garden that you can recommend to me? Mail order's fine, too, I suppose.
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Jewel sells little herb plants in their produce section.

Also, when you google for tips on gardening indoors, one good search term is "container gardening".
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Ooh, I hope you did not plant that mint in the ground.
If you did, it's not just thriving: it's secretly plotting on taking over the whole neighbourhood, starting with your mom's garden...

Seriously: mints are very invasive and spread fast.

That said: a good source for seeds online is Richters. And yes - they do ship seeds (and live plants) to the US.
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I got a kitchen herb garden as a Christmas gift last year from Mountain Valley Growers. The plants grew very well in containers for me, much better than any plants I ever bought at the local greenhouse.

I've also noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of garden-related junk mail I get, but I can't be sure it was their fault.
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