Looking for a simple art-hanging solution
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Looking for an art hanging system using wire and clamps/clips for unframed work - any ideas?

I'm looking for the hardware to hang a few pieces of unframed, mounted art on a wall using wire and clamps of sorts. The clamps will have to look good and be able to grip the art without damaging the surface. So, basically something like a nice looking binder clip that grips using rubber instead of plastic.

Does anyone own anything like this? Or have any idea where I can find some online?

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IKEA sells just what you're looking for. It's called "DEKA"
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The generic term for the wire-tightened clip hanging kit is "gallery clips."
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I've used these many times with a lot of success to hang unframed artwork. The plastic "clips" do not leave any marks on the paper, and you could use any number of methods to then hook the bars to the wall or suspend them from wire.
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But what if you want to do a whole bunch of 'em? I've got a set of picture cards of dim sum items and I'd like to do sort of a floating collage. The gallery clips don't look like they'd hold something so thin and the poster hangers would be too big. Would DEKA work for what I want to do?
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@100watts: These are what you need for making a floating collage of thin, small items like photos or postcards. I've linked to the MOMAStore here because it was easy to find, but they're available elsewhere if you google. Enjoy!
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Ahimsa, thank you! That's perfect for the project.
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