What should I put in my china cabinet?
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I recently received a large, beautiful china cabinet/buffet, and it's now the focal piece in my living room. It's wonderful, but seeing as I have no china, I have no idea what to put in it.

What sort of things, other than dishes, work well when placed in a china cabinet? I initially thought to put my books in it, though the shelves inside of the six-foot long structure are made of glass and that sort of worries me. Right now, there's a few martini glasses in there, but they're awfully lonely.
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I keep books in my china cabinet, and it works quite well. One of the shelves in my cabinet has grooves along the back to display plates and the like, and I use it to display art books (face out).
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I'd say that a healthy collection of liquor bottles and mixological implements would be good company for those martini glasses. Also, double rocks glasses, highballs, zombies chimneys, etc.
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It's not a china cabinet, it's a display area. Do you collect? Miniature chairs, vases, small books, old family photos in stand-up frames, robots (?), small drawings, an air plant, etc. A few well-placed items, nestled, don't overload, will make an interesting display of your things.
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Sorry, it's late. I think I was channeling Martha there for a sec.
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Mugs are good too. Not just any kinds but if you have pretty wine glasses, different mugs from various cities and countries. I collect mugs and cups from my travels, so that's what I'd put. I also collect purses, but I don't think it'd look right...
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I've seen these with sort of ribbed curtains installed inside the glass, which means you could use them to store anything. But that kind of defeats the purpose. I agree with the suggestions that you start a collection of nice-looking things: glassware, pottery, sculpture, art books, porcelain figurines, whatever turns you on. You can mix and match them into the cabinet. Flip through these photos for the general idea.
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We had the same conundrum with a beautiful china cabinet that my boyfriend inherited - we're slowly building a collection of Kokeshi dolls to display in it, as they're beautiful and have a not-too-old-fashioned collectible feel about them.
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If I were you, i'd be working on creating a really impressive wunderkammer.
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70's motorcycle helmets, taxidermy, Star Wars models, microscopes, 50's barware, booze, Japanese hair pomade, Dansk pepper grinders - anything! I personally like the impact of using a classic piece of furniture to display something unexpected.
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Maybe DVDs or old VHS tapes if this is conveniently located near your TV. Or music CDs.
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can you replace the glass shelves with something the same size but sturdier, so you can put your books and anything else inside?
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You could put in cheap Ikea dishware as placeholders :)
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I have one of these pieces of furniture too. I'm not a big fan of knick knacks or china, so it sits mostly empty. One idea I had recently is to modify most of it into something useful, inspired by all the gadget charging stations. Seems like I could convert several of the drawers to hold a cellphone, gps, camera, ipod, laptop, cd & dvd cases, whatever- then grommet holes in back than run to a powerstrip. It certainly would conceal a lot of modern clutter while looking antique from the outside.
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