Victorian illness
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What is the 19th Century illness that disfigures Esther Summerson of Dicken's Bleak House?

In mid 19th century London, Esther Summerson contracts a fever from her young maid that disfigures her face and damages her appearance. At one point, as the fever comes on, she is temporarily blind. Any ideas as to what this disease may have been? There's nothing very helpful in the text so far, other than that the alteration is rather shocking.
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Best answer: Smallpox?
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Best answer: I've always assumed it was smallpox, which could often be quite disfiguring. PubMed seems to agree with me.
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In the Little House on the Prairie series, Mary went blind from scarlet fever.
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Best answer: It's smallpox.

'I looked liked a pizza'
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Response by poster: Cool, thanks everyone!
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Best answer: There are actually two theories: smallpox and erysipelas.
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If you watch the miniseries, which is a lot of fun, they come right out and say it's smallpox. I realize this may have only been a dramatic decision, but still.
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It's not in the Little House books, but apparently Mary Ingalls also had a stroke at the same time as her scarlet fever.
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Response by poster: thomas j wise: google turns up a tantalizing fragment of an article from the Oxford Journals that I'm to lazy to register for:

"West diagnoses Esther's illness as a combination of erysipelas of the face and ..."

... so it looks like there's definitely two possibilities. Thanks!
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