Will properly sized TECRE button/mirror parts work on a Badge-a-Minit hand press?
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i was just a dork and after purchasing an entry level Badge-a-Minit 2 1/4 inch button press from the Badge a Minit store, i purchased 2 1/4 inch mirror parts (for pocket mirrors) on ebay intended for a TECRE brand button press. If they're not compatible, I'm kind of SOL...but if anyone can tell me they WON'T be compatible, I need to buy some compatible mirror parts ASAP in addition to the TECRE ones i purchased and will not be able to return. FYI I did see this post http://ask.metafilter.com/19714/Badger-badger-badger and followed all links and couldn't find the info I wanted. Any advice would be appreciated.
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According to buttonmakers.net, the 2 1/4 BAM button makers actually have a slightly larger die (2 5/16") than the 2 1/4" tecre model, so the tecre button parts won't work correctly for it.
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