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Where can I find covers of popular songs done in the style of c64/amiga/mod/xm etc?

The era the music comes from isn't as important as how familiar the songs are to your average joe.
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This video was made on an Amiga.
posted by McLir at 9:34 PM on January 5, 2008

Correction: The computer graphics were made on an Amiga.
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The 8bitpeoples' 8bits of Christmas is very recognizable music and free under Creative Commons!
posted by themadjuggler at 10:12 PM on January 5, 2008

i'm listening to the thriller cover from here. There's some more pop shaz, too.

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You should probably check out archives as well. Lot's of goodies there as well.
posted by bigmusic at 12:28 AM on January 6, 2008

knowles: Virt is on metafilter
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WFMU's Beware of the Blog on 8 bit covers. Also. previously on Metafilter
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Synthpop Mods has loads of mod covers of synth pop classics. The blue3 version of Blue Monday is brilliant.
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Get yourself SidPlay and download The High Voltage SID Collection, then use any number of SID search engines.

Also, there are the classic standbys of:,,, and
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