Translating Technical Certifications into an MCP
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Translating technical certifications (Network+ and A+) in to an MCP. Is this possible? I've scoured forums and newsgroups related
to technical certification, and found items that alluded to this possibility, but with no specifics as to the process. Where could I research this more? Has anyone experienced this process? How would one go about doing this?
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You can use the Net+ and A+ towards an MCSA or MCSE. In order to transfer the credits, you would first have to attempt (but not necessarily pass) a Microsoft test. This assigns you a Microsoft Candidate ID. Then you would have to visit this site and enter your microsoft candidate ID, and other relevant information. Whether this will actually get you a MCP or if it will just be a step towards an MCSA, I dont know. would probably be able to answer. And they respond fairly quickly.
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I thought MCP just means that you've passed any one of Microsoft's myriad tests?
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falconred: That was my understanding too. I'm pretty much looking to see if my current certifications waive passing a Microsoft test. For instance, if I were genuinly interested in MCSE/A cerification I'd go the MCSE/A: Security route. In this program one of the specialized requirements options are to accomplish the CompTIA Security+ exam. So does passing the Security+ qualify me as passing a Microsoft exam, thus gaining an MCP? It just seems I need an 'M' in one of my certifications for any recruiters to take interest. I've never really been interested in getting any Microsoft certifications considering MCSE/A's I've worked with and my understanding of the technologies, compared with theirs. With a few exceptions.
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My guess is that your Net+ or A+ can't be automagically converted to an MCP, but if you don't want to expend any effort, sign up for the Windows 2000 or XP client exam. It's pretty much impossible to fail if you've even heard rumors of someone once using Windows in college (but they didn't inhale). That will make you an MCP and, on top of it, get you halfway to an MCSA, if you ever decide it's worthwhile.
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