Looking for a kid's book that has sailing and cooking
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Bookfilter: looking for a book I read as a kid involving a sick kid and sailing. The wrinkle? I read it in German, so I don't even know if this book exists in English. Obviously, there's

The plot involves parents of a deathly ill kid. The Docs tell them there's nothing they can do, it's only a matter of time, X months at most. So they buy a sail boat and start sailing together. (I don't remember if it's around the Med or around the world.) They keep fearing that the kid won't wake up again, but so far, so good. X months later, the kid is still going strong. Turns out the sea air is exactly what the doctor (should have) ordered. So then they sell the boat and buy a restaurant on an island somewhere.

I don't even remember if this is a kid or young-adult book. I probably read it 12-15 years ago.

Oh, yeah, and just to make it interesting, the book was in German, not English.

Any ideas?
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Die Reise zur Wunderinsel? Never read it myself, but the description seems to match.
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