Help me find fun plates and cups.
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I want to buy funky plates and cups (different for each place setting) The more eclectic and weird, the better. Do you have a favorite plates/cup that you got online that are cheap, funny, and safe for human consumption?(no traces of any chemicals that may cause blindness, irritability, etc..)
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Best answer: I like some of CB2's funky stuff. Their dishware tends to be more interesting than their drinkware, though.
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Best answer: they are not cheap but shop composition often has interesting re-enameled plates. it has been a while since i last looked but the available patterns used to change pretty frequently.
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Best answer: try anthropologie
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Best answer: We basically have this set up, and we did it by going to the local Salvation Army. Gems of oddness and eclecticism, check. Cheap and funny, check. Safe for human consumption? Well, hopefully repeated washings over the years have rendered them less prone to make us blind and sterile.
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I wouldn't say cheap, but definately nice/funky is MacKenzie-Childs. Check out their clearance section, they are reasonable, and if you don't want matching settings it won't be a problem.
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Best answer: I love the retail stores in NYC, which carry old restaurant and hotel dishes, but Fishs Eddy website also has lots of interesting and cute stuff
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Best answer: I know you said 'online,' but have you considered checking garage sales, church rummage sales, thrift stores, etc.?

It seems very wasteful, both in terms of the resources used to produce the item and get it to your door and in terms of cash in your pocket, to buy a bunch of single cups and plates from online vendors.
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Fishs Eddy is awesome. We got our Heroes of the Torah juice glasses there.
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Response by poster: I have considered garage and rummage sales, too, but it's winter in Chicago -- and thus, I need some (non-paper) plates before spring, when these things generally take place.

Thanks for the suggestions. I looove the Heroes of the Torah glasses.
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Some of the old glazes on vintage china and pottery does contain levels of lead and radioactive compounds, so you are right to be concerned. I've seen people using decorative vintage souvenir plates ie: "Missouri-the Show Me State!" for serving food. This looks cool, but is risky health wise. You definitely do not want to do this.

I'd also really question if newer imported china is actually safer than vintage china when it comes to lead, as it's been demonstrated lately that a whole lot of objects we put in our mouths and our children's mouths are not 100% lead free.

I collect mid-century dishes and do periodically serve food on them (3-5 times a year). If you pick up some cool dishes at a thrift store, you can buy home lead testing kits to find out if they have any lead content. If you do buy a lead testing kid, be sure you test all the colors that appear on your dishes.

To minimize your risk of lead leaching off vintage and possibly newer china:
Do not eat off of it every day. Get some plain dishes for everyday.
Do not store food on vintage china in the refrigerator.
Never put vintage china in the microwave.
Avoid eating off vintage china that has painted or printed metallic decoration.
Be most cautious of very brightly colored china, as it is more likely to contain lead.
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Um, that is "lead testing kit" not "lead testing kid." I am in no way suggesting that you should purchase a small child to lick your vintage dishes to find out if they contain lead!
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Best answer: Good god, no one mentioned
Brain bowls (both printed and with wrinkly brain matter)
Lace dragonfly mug
Square mug
3 point swirl
Skull espresso cup
Knitware cups
Whirl dish, bowl

And this is all on a very casual search.
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