Dentist/Oral surgeon recommendations in the Buffalo area?
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I need to get my wisdom teeth out this year. Can you recommend me a good dentist/oral surgeon/whatever somewhere in Western New York?

I'm looking for a dentist in the Buffalo/Amherst area, preferably, but I'm willing to travel to Lewiston, Wheatfield, or Niagara Falls if necessary.

A few things regarding my dental history: My wisdom teeth are impacted and need to be cut out rather than pulled out (this much I know for sure), so I'd prefer an oral surgeon who is open to having me put completely under, i.e. unconscious for the procedure.

The last dentist I went to was pretty unreceptive to the fact that novacane didn't work very well on me and I still felt pain, so bonus points for a place that's good with pain management.

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I love my dentist: Dr. Peter D'Arrigo on Elmwood Avenue in Kenmore. I did not have my wisdom teeth taken out by him, though.

I've heard positive things about Dr. Crabtree in terms of pain management.
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Dr. Gerry DiFusco, Webster Dental Center, Webster NY (NE corner of Rochester)

I don't know if he'll put you under, but I had four very badly impacted wisdom taken out at the same time. I was in the chair for almost four hours and experienced absolutely no pain. I didn't even feel anything when he applied the novacane the first time. He regularly applied additional novacane and was constantly asking me if I felt anything. In addition, I had very little pain and bleeding afterwards.

He is also very personable and I think he offers free consultations.
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