Where can I but a postcard calendar?
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Lesson learned. I should have bought my fave calendar before December. But I didn't. Calendars.com seems to be sold out. I like the "postcard wall" format b/c it has a single line for each day, hangs on the wall, and is very compact. Any ideas?
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I have no information about their reliability, but this, perhaps.
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Response by poster: Thanks for finding that! Unfortunately, like most other calendars available for purchase online, this one is in association with Calendars.com. So, when I follow the link on your page, it's out of stock.
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Do you care that the calendar becomes postcards? What do you mean by having a "single line" for each day?
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Single line for each day: see photo here.
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Have you tried getting in touch with the publisher(s) of these? (Calendars.com is simply a clearing house for multiple pubs).
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It looks like this one at calendars.com is on pre-order, so it will ship to you at a later date. I'd call them (1-800-366-3645) to see when it might ship before buying.
You can try searching for the publisher (image connection) along with "postcard calendar 2008" to see if you can find another store that sells those type of calendars.
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hmm, that's weird. It just allowed me to put that calendar I linked to in a cart a few minutes ago and told me it was on pre-order. Maybe you should call their customer service line anyhow to see if they can help you find what you're looking for.
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> Have you tried getting in touch with the publisher(s) of these? (Calendars.com is simply a clearing house for multiple pubs).

This page appears to have the Tibet calendar from the original publisher; that was the one you were looking for, right? If that link doesn't work, just Google "Image Connection" and go from there.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions! Keep em coming!

I already tried googling image connection and couldn't find the right site. The page from wcitymike would probably work - but I'm in the US and they'll charge me 25 euros of shipping - not sure a $7 calendar is worth $35 shipping.

I'll try calling calendars.com. Anyone else have ideas?
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Response by poster: Aargh!

Calendars.com person wasn't helpful.

And despite the fact that some of the calendars say they're available as "pre-order," when I actually select it, put it in my cart, and get to checkout, I'm told just after entering shipping info that the item is out of stock and can't be ordered. Again, I say aargh!

My options are looking slim:
1) find something in a local store (not likely)
2) pay $50 (incl S&H) to get it from a UK site (not likely)

Any other ideas out there? Don't let me down!
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Make your own? I can't offer helpful Euro centric calendar centric websites - I'd suggest looking at local "mass" printing shops. You can get the photographs from friends, ask mefi people (total self spam), look at Fickr (ask permission! i don't mind people using for personal or non profit use, i think a lot of non 100% full time photographers would either).

Other than that, I have seen calendars after the new year in book stores. Perhaps that's a place to check out.
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