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I need a place for a birthday party in the North Seattle area.

My wife and I were both born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, but moved away to Florida five years ago. In the ensuing time, the area has changed quite a bit, and we no longer know what restaurants are still open and decent. We are coming back into town in a few weeks, and it just so happens that both of our birthdays are that week. We would like to have a large-ish social get-together to celebrate our birthdays, and invite all of our friends to come. This will be on a Tuesday night. Ideally, I would pick something like a pizza joint where we could easily have people come and go, and just keep ordering more food as needed.

Any suggestions for a good pizza place in the North Seattle or Lynnwood area, that would be ok with hosting an unknown number of people (I am guessing 10 - 20 people) with no advance notice?
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Given that it's a Tuesday night, you might try Tutta Bella in Wallingford. It's a pretty big place and I have been to an adult birthday party there that featured about 20 people. I'm not sure if there were reservations or not. I do recall that food was ordered at intervals pretty randomly. I don't know if Wallingford is North enough for you, though.
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This is not quite what you asked, but you may want to give Whirly Ball a consideration. It would require a reservation and the food is very basic bar food, but it's a neat way to have a food/drink get together with mystery numbers of people.
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I also thought of Tutta Bella immediately.
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It's not pizza, but the Luau in Wallingford is a nice place with a polynesian menu and a comfy neighborhood pub feel. My friends and I have had birthday parties there - if it's on a weekday you can get the back room without paying a deposit, and people can come and go (including folks with kids), and you can just order the pu-pu platter in order to have a large selection of food for people to pick from. They have exciting drinks too.

I've also had birthday parties at Sunset Bowl in Ballard - you can bowl and do karaoke, and order pizza in or eat their supplied (not very good) food.
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Spiro's pizza in Shoreline has excellent food, excellent service, and a banquet room in the back. Local place, too- the owner grew up in Shoreline. Did I mention excellent food?!
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Maybe watch your volume on the link...The Rock in Lynnwood is great, excellent wood-oven pizza, easy to find (right off I-5), lots of parking, and totally set up to accomodate large groups. We've gone in there after baseball games before with no reservations and 14 people and they've taken good care of us. They have lots of TV's showing sports, a good, full bar, and excellent microbrews. Highly recommended.
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My friend just had her 40th at the Seattle Buca. Noisy as all get out, but fun amosphere, Italian family-style food and goofy decor. There were a ton of parties of various sizes going on.

Before that, my boss had her party at the Aqua Verde Paddle Club. Mexican food, on the water. I think she maybe rented the whole place out.
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I think GaelFC is talking about the Buca di Beppo, in the south Lake Union area. Pretty good food and lots of it. Might be a little tough to rotate folks in and out over the course of the night.

Tutta Bella is delicious. Great gelato too.
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Thirding/Fourthing Tutta Bella.

My experience with Buca di Beppo was not so good foodwise.
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Romio's in Greenwood has a banquet room, but I think you might have to call in advance. On a weeknight, though, you might be able to walk in.
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