WTF is "Brem" Cap Suling Gading
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What is this Indonesian sweet? It says "Brem" Cap Suling-Gading

Actually the label is as pictured here, and I can find the words on it on the internet, but none of the pages are in English. The actual food item looks like beige fiberboard, and tastes a little like dried hawthorn berries. Can anyone tell me what it actually is?

It says:

Makanan yang bermanfaat, terbaut dari tape-ketan. Dikerjakan secara hygienis, maka dapat menjamin kwalitas yang halus dan bermutu. Supaya tidak mudah rusak/meleleh, simpanlah ditempat yang kering dan isis, jangan terkena sinarya matahari terus-menerus.

PERHATIAN : perusahaan brem cap suling gading hanya membuat satu macam cap saja yaitu cap suling gading

I found a translation tool that turned that into:

Food that was useful, was bolted from fermented-sticky rice. Done hygienically, then could guarantee the refined and high-quality quality. To be not easy broken/trickled, kept ditempat that was dry and isis, don't be affected sinarya the sun continually.

ATTENTION: the company brem the stamp of the tusks whistle only made one stamp kind that is the stamp of the tusks whistle

On the side it says "Awas terhadap barang palsu" which the internet translates as the fantastic "Be careful against the false thing" (I always am!) That sounds so much more exciting than "accept no imitations!"

So: What is it I am eating?
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I don't know any Indonesian, but from your description of the actual food thing, sounds like haw flakes. I have no idea where "fermented sticky rice" comes into that though.
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Response by poster: I know haw flakes. I like them. These are different.

The flavor is different - I would describe it as being more .. cool? And the color is beige instead of reddish.
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My bad. You might ask this person.
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"Cap" (pronounced "chop") means seal or stamp, and probably signifies the brand. Brem Brand, in other words. Sorry, that's all I got.

Maybe divabat could help? Malay and Bahasa Indonesia are pretty close. I think the cydonian is from Singapore, so he might know the language too.
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Best answer: It says in the link you gave that it's good for smoothing skin, getting rid of pimples, and even gas. And that the best quality is coloured white.

Makanan yang bermanfaat, terbaut dari tape-ketan.

It says the food is made from tape-ketan. This is tape-ketan, made from rice.
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Ooh, here's a pdf that explains what the dessert is made of and how it's created. It's a fermented rice paste dessert.
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Best answer: Brem is the name of the food, and Suling-Gading (literally Ivory Flute) is the brand.


A beneficial food made from tape-ketan. Made hygienically to ensure fine and good quality. To avoid spoilage, store in a cool (?) dry place away from sunlight.

NOTICE: The Suling-Gading Brem company only has one brand, which is the Suling-Gading brand.

The other thing is "beware of imitations".
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Response by poster: Thanks! It was weird and sort of delicious!
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