What should I get for my friend
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Gift ideas for a friend who's really into Native American culture?

Around $50 or under, please.
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I think it would depend on which Native American culture(s) this person is interested in. Does s/he live in an area with significant influences of a particular one? or traveled to certain areas?
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A gift certificate from an independent seller of supplies, music, books, blankets, herbals, etc?
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How about a donation to a non-profit that works in Native American communities?
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Black Elk Speaks or The Sacred Pipe. However, depending on how long your friend has been interested in this, she may have already read these.
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A Northwest Coastal Indian belt buckle of their totem animal?

The silver ones linked are a little pricey but you can find brass or pewter ones for much less. The raven on my belt cast about $20.
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A couple of shirts from the creators of the "Homeland Security: Fighting Terrorism Since 1492" tshirt?
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A subscription to the paper version of Indian Country Today costs $48. If said friend is the sort to care about contemporary Native issues and culture and not fantasy Indians, ICT is the essential resource. You can already read a lot of it online or get it as a podcast, but the paper version does have exclusive content and some people are more likely to read something that comes in paper on a weekly basis, like a magazine.
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meant to give you the link:

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