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Guess who needs boots like Marilyn Manson?! Yours truly! Here's the problem, it seems to be a very standard design but we need to try them on and take them home rather than buy them online and wait/pray it works out. Where (greater boston)?
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I believe the go-to destination for anyone who wants to look like Marilyn Manson is Hot Topic. A cursory search on their website indicates that Massachussetts is infested with their stores.
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Response by poster: Good point! I'm a bit put off by the prices though.. $60? I wonder if there are higher-end players in the field..
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Granted, this shop isn't in the Boston area, but I've got a pair of these that I absolutely love. Perhaps you might have some luck by trying on sizes from different manufacturers to see what you need from a specific company? That is, if sizing is the reason for the try-on ...
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Halfway down this page is a set of links to "Independent Sources for Goth Clothing, Accessories, and Footwear In New England". Don't know if they're within range for you but you could probably give a couple a call and maybe they could help:
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Response by poster: Okay, yeah, as I think about it more I've decided that I don't care to try them on as much as I care to get something that's crafted a bit better.. in the sense that I'm thinking of $500-$2k stuff that'll last a decade-plus.. I'd like to get it from a firm that makes boots/shoes rather than sells 'goth stuff', if you follow. Keep the links coming though, they've been very helpful so far.
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There are more expensive options in the world of goth boots.
However, you will not be able to try them on irl unless you want to go to England to do so. ;)

Anything made by demonia is basically a cheap POS knockoff of something on one of those pages.

I've never heard of $2000 boots before. I had transmuters, which I paid like $400 for, but that was almost 10 years ago, and they go for less than half that now. At the time they were the high end awesomeness in terms of club boots.
Supply and demand, all that, and given the current state of things in the goth scene, demand just isn't there anymore.
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Response by poster: Yeah. Maybe another tack? Instead of going "i need goth boots", maybe "I need boots. That are tall and black and shiny. Preferably with buckles." I dislike the thicker soles.. okay time to be productive I'll check in later. I'm thinking maybe companies that supply theatres..
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I can't for the life of me remember the name, but I've seen boots like that at one of the shoe stores in Harvard Sq. Maybe Hootenanny there would have boots like that?
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I think the shoes are made by pleaserUSA, perhaps you can find a dealer in your area. I can recommend underground boots. I'm sure they have similar boots.
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Response by poster: Yeah, I think I'm gonna end up where I started, ie. looking at a certain type of online retailer. I actually like the more womanly styles, so now I'm thinking something that has both laces and buckles.. I can't abide platform soles though, so it's just a matter of looking around I guess.
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When I was the sort of teenager who wore boots like that, I bought them at certain larger Newbury Comics locations. This was some time ago, though, and I don't know if any of them still sell footwear. You might try Hubba Hubba too - it's more fetish oriented, but I know I bought shoes there at least once and they may have boots as well.
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If you don't mind looking around for online retailers, New Rocks are generally considered to be pretty high quality. I also agree with the Underground recommendation - I don't wear them every day, but I have a pair that have lasted five years so far.
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2nding Hubba Hubba. They have amazing shoes. Also, if that fails, try next door at Teddy's. They sell drag queen shoes (in my size (12!), although I'm a female). Sometimes they have some wikked boots. You are right to be skeptical of the Newbury Comics/Hot Topic boots....they are not the best quality (having owned the exact pair you mention).
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I'm not sure that any of the styles will quite meet your needs, but if I were going to spend a lot of money on awesome boots of excellent quality, I would get something from the Dehner Company. These 3 Buckle Field Boots might suit. They have both buckles and laces, I think they're quite gorgeous, they're pretty tall (though not over the knee), they're custom made, and they should last a good long time.
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Maybe even try an army navy store?

This one online has these which look more fashion/gothicy than utilitarian. $120 isn't so bad considering they look like they're built to last.

You can probably find an army navy store near you. They're everywhere.
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2nding NewRocks- here's their annoying to navigate online shop. I have a pair that I bought about 7 years ago that are quite well made. Look through the "Metallic" collection, lots of strappy boots there.
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John Fluevog on Newbury has these, among others.
Berk's (Cambridge), Mel's Capitol Shoes (Brookline) or Kenmore Army Navy (Boston) have these Doc Martens.
Also try Hubba Hubba or Hootenanny, both mentioned above.
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IIRC Army Barracks on Newbury St had some 3 buckle military boots when I was in a couple of weeks ago (couldn't see them listed on their website though).
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I have the TUK boots that the luke parker fiasco linked to above. Yes, they're cheap crap, but I've had them for six years and they still look good. I get a lot of compliments. They are not feminine in the least, though. (I wear mine with girly skirts for shock value, but I understand that doesn't work for everyone.) I also see that the TUK website doesn't list retailers, so no help finding a place in Boston.

There's a hint, though: boots with straps are often called "tank boots," if that helps your searches.
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