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Did my mama get scammed by itunes look-alike?

She typed in and was brought to a site that looked like an itunes website, not that she'd ever seen the apple one, where it said it was like $49.90 a month for unlimited downloading, so she registered and paid through paypal and then couldn't find the website again.

Everytime I try typing in it goes to and my 12 year old sister knew that that is not where they went.

Okay so it completely sounds like a scam, but how far can it go? can they go around buying stuff forever with her paypal or is the $50 just gone? Has anyone ever heard about this kind of thing? Do they now have our name and address and everything? just freaking out a little..
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Response by poster: p.s. it says clickbank under name/email/phone section on her paypal statement thing. i dont know if that helps anything.
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These guys?
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According to comments here, people have been able to successfully demand a refund.
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Response by poster: first, she was here:

after she registered, it brought her here:

and thats the part that made her say "uh, what?"

is this a known website for that?
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The order form on that site is processed through the ClickBank system. You may want to try requesting a refund through this form:
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Dude, your mama got scammed by an itunes not-lookalike. Your mama needs to become more cynical. i'm assuming that she actually typed "" into her browser's search box, instead of the address field. I just tried that and the top Google paid ad result was for a very questionable looking Sheep's clothing.

They have whatever information you gave them. Assuming that your mom actually used the PayPal site to complete the transaction instead of giving her PayPal username and password, then I guess they have her name and email address. If she did completely expose her PayPal authentication info to them, then yes, you should be more concerned, and should be getting in touch with PayPal immediately. Good luck with that.
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Another possibility: Just about every possible variation on -- transposed letters, double letters, missing letters, QWERTY errors -- is registered to someone. Many possible typos I tried led me to sites similar to the one rubberkey's mother apparently ended up at.
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PayPal is generally pretty buyer-friendly when it comes to transaction disputes, so I'd just give them a call and explain the situation. Their customer service number is 1-888-221-1161.
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Like mumkin said, given what's been said here, you should probably just err on the side of caution and assume she exposed her login/password pair to the fraudulent site - even though she may not have - and immediately change both.
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