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I hate to say anything nice about myspace, but it seems that it is the best source for upcoming tour dates. Conundrum:

Unfortunately, I can't filter bands by location. For instance, for this list of bands, tell me when they're going to be in my city.

Since they're all posted in what looks to be the same format, I'd like to use some service that let's me load all of those tour dates into a database, do some WHERE clauses, and get my own custom show list.

Even better, I'd like someone else to handle all of the heavy lifting and offer this as a service on the web.

Also: this obviously doesn't have to use myspace data, but I trust data from bands or promotors a lot more than a random guy on the internet (see footnote 2)

1) I don't have a myspace account, so if I can do this as a member, I apologize.
2) I'm aware of the user-driven web 2.0 concert content. But it often misses lots of bands, in my experience
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Best answer: Do you use iTunes? The free iConcert Calendar app/widget for iTunes is awesome and does most, if not all, of what you're asking for.
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Response by poster: Thanks, this made my day.
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Does pollstar not cover the bands you're interested in?
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Also try TourFilter. RSS up the wazoo.
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Have you checked out
posted by Artifice_Eternity at 10:29 PM on January 2, 2008's Events tab might be some help too.
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Pollstar let's you put 10 bands on a watchlist per free account. I suppose one could create a multitude of account should they bump that limit.
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LastFM offers tour information based on where you are, what you like to listen to or both. If you have a music collection in iTunes, etc then the site includes software that should be able to determine which artists you like automatically.
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Seconding iConcert Calendar plugin. Myspace really screwed up by not including this from day one. It would almost make using myspace worth it...
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iLike does this with iTunes or WMP.
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